Investing in commercial real estate 5X’d my net worth in six years

All without:

• tons of experience
• fancy business degree
• small $1M loan from my parents
I’ll teach you 5 “Cheat Codes” that real estate investors leverage for wealth.
A thread:
1) Investing w/ a Self-Directed IRA
Self-directed IRA lets you invest your retirement $$ in asset classes like real estate.
• Open a self-directed IRA
• Rollover funds from IRA or 401(k)
• Invest funds in a rental property
The income from the property (rent, sale proceeds, etc.) goes back into the IRA tax-free.
Example: use self-directed IRA to buy a $200K property and later sell it for $250K, the $50K profit goes back into your IRA tax-free.
2) Cash-Out Refinance
Refi your mortgage for more than you owe and take the delta in cash. 
For Example:
• Bought at $300K, valued $400K
• Refi the property for $350K
• Pay off original $300K mortgage
• Take the remaining $50K in cash
• Use to invest in another property
3) Vacation Rental Arbitrage
Short-term rentals offer a alternative to traditional long-term leases.
For example: 
You rent a condo for $2K a month and list it on Airbnb for $150 a night. If you rent the condo for 20 nights a month, you’d earn $3K netting a $1K monthly profit.
4) Opportunity Zones
Opportunity Zones are a tax incentive that spurs economic development in low-income communities.
• Invest in a qualified Opportunity Zone
• Defer capital gains taxes on the sale of any property – if gains are reinvested in Opportunity Zone Fund
5) Real Estate Syndications
This is an ideal strategy for those who want to invest in real estate but don’t want to be a landlord.
You can invest as a passive LP investor, leaving property management to the pros (like me) while still getting benefits of real estate.