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omni wallpaper

Mortal Kombat 1 Turns Omni-Man Into The Ultimate Evil Superman

The Mortal Kombat 1 roster expands this week with its first guest character, Invincible’s Omni-Man. While he isn’t a contender for dad-of-the-year, Omni-Man is a powerhouse who’ll face off against Earthrealm’s defenders when he lands, bringing with him a unique offense and skillset that emphasizes his Viltrumite heritage.

omni wallpaper

Previous teasers have shown off some of his hard-hitting offense and a fatality that’s straight out of the Invincible animated TV series, and developer NetherRealm has aimed to make this incarnation of Omni-Man as nuanced as his comic book and animated source material from all of the reference material that it had on hand.

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omni wallpaper

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This isn’t the first time that the studio has developed an evil Superman fighting game character–and it won’t be the last as Homelander is also appearing in Mortal Kombat 1–but for Omni-Man, the studio came up with some fun ideas to turn him into a rushdown character who is all about speed and offense.

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As detailed by NetherRealm manager Nick Nicastro on the Xbox Wire blog, Omni-Man uses his Viltrumite stance to dodge attacks and catch players by surprise. From the starting Viltrumite stance, Omni-Man can execute four unique attacks that each serve a specific purpose and can be followed up with more moves.

“Passively, while in his Viltrumite stance, Omni-Man avoids projectiles, almost dismissing them in a nonchalant way, making him strong in matchups where opponents rely on projectiles,” Nicastro explained. “Moreover, the enhanced version of the Viltrumite stance allows Omni-Man to quickly dodge high and mid attacks up close. Lastly, the player can teleport out of the Viltrumite stance and end up behind the opponent effectively acting like a cancel.”

Omni-Man’s arrival in Mortal Kombat 1 on November 9–an early access bonus for owners of the Kombat Pack or as standalone DLC from November 16–is just the start of an Invincible blitz of content that’s rolling out right now. The first half of the show’s second season has begun on Prime Video and Amazon Prime subscribers can get an Invincible game starring Atom Eve for free as part of their Prime Gaming benefits.

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