Whitebeard Live Wallpaper

whitebeard live wallpaper

Best Live Wallpapers for Windows 11/10 computers

Finding every new feature in Windows OS makes every computer geek happy. However, there is no better feeling than customizing your device according to one’s flavor and we all know about Windows 11 and 10 being known for their customizing features. In this article, we have jotted down some of the best live wallpapers so that you can customize your screen the way you want to.

whitebeard live wallpaper

Following are some of the best Live wallpapers for your Windows desktop:

Desktop Live WallpaperRainmeterPush WallpaperLively WallpaperWinDynamicDesktopMyLiveWallpaper: Live Anime WallpapersWaifu: Live Wallpaper

Let’s get to know more about them.

1] Desktop Live Wallpapers

Starting off with one of the known names among wallpaper lovers, Desktop Live Wallpapers. Every single penny spends on this software is worth it as you’ll get tons of features like interactive wallpaper, 2D and 3D animation support, and customizing live wallpaper.

The software is probably one of the best as it allows you to use graphics, videos, and websites as wallpaper. Also, it is built in such a way that it won’t be hard on your CPU and GPU as it stops the live wallpaper whenever you are running a game or full-screen application. To download the app, navigate to

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2] Rainmeter

Rainmeter is one of the best fits for your Windows PC. Although the app doesn’t offer any live wallpaper, it has a library full of wallpaper that you can customize according to your preference. It has an interface that allows users to make their own customizable desktop widget called Skin. All in all, it’s worth downloading the app as you are getting pretty good wallpaper for free that is not putting strain on your CPU and GPU. You can get it from

  Female Guitarists

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3] Push Wallpaper

If you are looking for 2D and 3D animated live wallpaper then Push Wallpaper is your go-to stop.  Its feature to use websites, and videos as wallpaper and clean UI make the app one of its kind and a pretty good alternative to pretty much any paid app or website. If this sounds exciting, navigate to to explore more.

4] Lively Wallpaper

Let’s talk about Lively Wallpaper which offers you the same features as some paid apps such as Wallpaper Engine but does not cost you a penny. The app comes with amazing features such as multi-monitor support, setting webpages as wallpaper, and many more, thus making it a one-in-all spot for users.

This is one of the best Open Source software that offers so much to customers, brings desktop to life yet doesn’t charge for it. And one such example is its Library, which comes fully packed with a wide variety of themes. To know more, head to

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5] WinDynamicDesktop

WinDynmicDesktop has a very intuitive interface that will surprise you. Although their live wallpapers are a bit on the simpler side, what sets this app apart from others is its ability to change its background in accordance with the time. The only downside of this app is that its library has a short range of wallpapers to offer. However, it has a lot of macOS wallpapers, so, if want to make your Windows look like a Macbook or an iMac, this is for you.

  Apple Fritter Cake

The app is completely free, does not put any load on your PC and you can get it from

6]  MyLiveWallpaper: Live Anime Wallpapers

Nowadays, every young person’s life would be incomplete without mystic creatures, manga, the infamous Naruto,  and Anime. If you are one such anime lover, MyLiveWallpaper is the right place for you

The app doesn’t only have a user-friendly interface with a wide range of customization features, but it comes with a library that has various theme wallpaper, from nature to an explicit collection of anime. And not to forget, it is also compatible with your phone. So, if you want to get this, go to

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7] Waifu: Live Wallpaper

Last on the list, Waifu: Live Wallpaper is almost similar to MyLiveWallpaper, curated with keeping anime lovers in mind. The platform does not have its own app but is widely known for its live anime and gaming wallpaper but it’s not a matter of serious concern.

Do not worry If you are not so keen on anime and games, its library has so much more to offer. There are plenty of wallpapers consisting of nature, superheroes, architecture, and so much more. And it’s free with no hustle and bustle, what else would a person want? If this sounds enticing, go to

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What is the best live wallpaper for Windows 11/10?

These were some of the best sites where you can get live wallpapers for free. There are some other honorable mentions such as Wallpaper Engine or Rain Wallpaper, but we don’t think there is a need to pay even a single penny to make your desktop look good.


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Does Windows 11/10 allow live wallpaper?

Yes, Windows 11/10 allows live wallpaper without any problem. All the wallpapers mentioned are not going to cause any damage to your PC or hinder its performance. In fact, most dynamic or live wallpapers are not going to cause performance issues, they neither consume an enormous amount of CPU or GPU. So, there is nothing to worry about.

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